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Noteworthy Characteristics. Colchicum autumnale, commonly called autumn crocus or meadow saffron, is a cormous perennial that typically blooms in early fall.Plants send up only foliage (5-8 lanceolate dark green leaves to 10 long) in spring. Foliage gradually yellows and dies by early summer when the plants go dormant Genus Colchicum are cormous perennials with usually coarse, broadly strap-shaped leaves which appear with or after the goblet-shaped flowers Details C. autumnale is a cormous herbaceous perennial to 15cm, with erect, strap-shaped leaves to 30cm in length, and in autumn, up to 6 crocus-like lavender-pink flowers 6cm in lengt colchicum 200 uses colchicum 30 benefits colchicum 30c colchicum autumnale homeopathy remedy colchicum autumnale medicinal uses colchicum dosage for gout colchicum materia medica colchicum uses. 3,006. Share. Dr G. P. Singh 808 posts 0 comments. According to the research of Dr G. P. Singh, this website is very convenient for people. The. Tato jarní forma byla v minulosti popsána jako varieta Colchicum autumnale var. vernum Reichard (dokonce i jako samostatný druh Colchicum vernale Hoffm.), její taxonomická hodnota je však pochybná. Odlišná doba květu je snad způsobena určitými povětrnostními výkyvy na stanovišti v průběhu roku Ocún jesenní je vytrvalá, obvykle 10-20, někdy ale až 40 cm vysoká jedovatá bylina s hluboko uloženou podzemní hlízou (10-15 cm pod povrchem).. Listy jsou přízemní, souběžně žilnaté a široce kopinaté a vyrůstají na jaře spolu se zrající tobolkou.Mohou být dlouhé i přes 40 cm, jejich obvyklá délka je však 20-30 cm

Colchicum Autumnale is of the best remedies for curing Gout. Just take the medicine in the LM potency, talk to your homeopath and start taking the medicine. This will prevent the future Gout attacks too. Also, Share other symptoms that you might have noticed Colchicum autumnale L., 1753: Nomi comuni Zafferano falso Zafferano bastardo Efemera Giglio matto Freddolina Il colchico d'autunno (Colchicum autumnale - L., 1753) o falso zafferano, è una piccola pianta bulbosa erbacea autunnale, velenosa, dai vistosi fiori color rosa-violetto appartenente alla famiglia delle Liliaceae 1/$12: Colchicum autumnale 'Nancy Lindsay' (C. pannonicum) ~ Under whatever name, a dandy plant, with abundant, bright-pink, purple-stemmed blooms somewhat larger than those of straight C.autumnale in early September, near the beginning of the colchicum season. Thrives in reasonably fertile, not overly dry soil in sun or light shade. Modified continental Homeopathic Colchicum Autumnale indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia medicas. Available 2C-30C, 200C, 1M-10M, 4X-30X, 30C, 200C Colchicum (/ ˈ k ɒ l tʃ ɪ k əm / or / ˈ k ɒ l k ɪ k əm /) is a genus of perennial flowering plants containing around 160 species which grow from bulb-like corms.It is a member of the botanical family Colchicaceae, and is native to West Asia, Europe, parts of the Mediterranean coast, down the East African coast to South Africa and the Western Cape.In this genus, the ovary of the flower.

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Colchicum autumnale - ocún jesenní. Syn.: Bulbocodium antumnale, Colchicum borisii, Colchicum bulgaricum, Colchicum crociflorum, Colchicum orientale, Colchicum polyanthon, Colchicum praecox, Colchicum vernale Slovensky: Jesienka obyčajná Čeleď: Colchicaceae - ocúnovité POPIS: Vytrvalá, hlíznatá, 10 až 45 cm vysoká bylina. Její hlíza je 3 až 7 cm dlouhá, na jedné straně. Colchicum Autumnale - The Basics. Colchicum autumnale is the most common colchicum in gardens and is also known by the common names naked lady, meadow saffron, wonder bulb, naked boy and mysteria . There are about 160 Cholchicum species and all would be great plants to grow, but they are not common in the trade.. I have written about the general culture of Colchicum autumnale as one of my. Colchicum autumnale Germany - Schwäbisch-Fränkische Waldberge single flower a group of flowers 'Albiflorum' two flowers Leaves . seed capsules Botanical illustrations (1649-1659) Colchicum autumnale vol. 1 - plate 27 in: Jacob Sturm: Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen (1796 Familia: Colchicaceae Tribus: Colchiceae Genus: Colchicum Species: Colchicum autumnale Name []. Colchicum autumnale L. (1753); Type species:; Synonyms []. Homotypic. COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE Meadow Saffron (COLCHICUM) Affects markedly the muscular tissues, periosteum, and synovial membranes of joints. Has specific power of relieving the gouty paroxysms. It seems to be more beneficial in chronic affections of these parts. The parts are red, hot, swollen

leaf blades with a prominent white mid-stripe, and flowers with 3 stamens and an inferior ovary (vs. C. autumnale, with the leaf blades lacking a white mid-stripe and flowers with 6 stamens and a superior ovary). Family. Colchicaceae. Genus. Colchicum. Help. Information from Dichotomous Key of Flora Novae Angliae. 1. Colchicum autumnale L.. Colchicum autumnale is known as gowri gedde in the southern region of Karnataka State in South India. A case of suicidal plant poisoning has been reported in a 24-year-old man who took gowri gedde [11]. He initially developed severe vomiting, diarrhea, and epigastric pain, and died after 3 days with multiorgan failure. Chemical.

Colchicum autumnale - Autumn Crocus/Meadow Saffron Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Equisetopsida - Order: Liliales - Family: Colchicaceae. This short perennial flower appears before its leaves, and has delightful pink or pale mauve tepals and deep orange or yellow anthers Colchicum autumnale treatment for Head ailments: Headache chiefly frontal and temporal, but also occipital and in nape of neck, worse afternoon and evening. Colchicum autumnale treatment for Eyes ailments: Pupils unequal; left pupil contracted. Variations in visual acuity Colchicum Autumnale 6C is a homeopathic medicine by Boiron which mainly indicates nausea from indigestion or motion sickness. This medicine uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms. This medicine comes in quick-dissolving pellet form. The multi dose is the common dosage for homeopathic remedies

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Il Colchicum autumnale è una pianta bulbosa e glabra la cui altezza varia da 10 a 40 cm (minimo 5 cm). La forma biologica è geofita bulbosa (G bulb), ossia è una pianta perenne erbacea che porta le gemme in posizione sotterranea. Durante la stagione avversa non presenta organi aerei e le gemme si trovano in organi sotterranei come i bulbi, organi di riserva che annualmente producono nuovi. Colchicum autumnale L., 1753: Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky. Ocún jesenn. Az őszi kikerics (Colchicum autumnale) a kikericsfélék (Colchicaceae) családjába tartozó, nyirkosabb réteken és legelőkön sokszor nagy tömegben termő, augusztus-szeptemberben virító évelő növény. Erősen mérgező. Népies nevei. Őszike, vetővirág (vetés idején virágzik), zörgő-gaz, pücsökkoma, csicsikoma.. Colchicum Autumnale 30C is a homeopathic medicine by Boiron which mainly indicates nausea from indigestion or motion sickness. This medicine uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms. This medicine comes in quick-dissolving pellet form. The multi dose is the common dosage for homeopathic remedies

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  1. Ocún byzantium - Colchicum autumnale major - cibuloviny - 1 ks Ocún byzantium, známý také jako naháček, je mrazuvzdorná rostlina, známá svými květy růžovofialové barvy. Rostlina je vhodná do okrasných záhonů, skalek či pro pěstování ve větší nádobě na balkóně
  2. Colchicum autumnale L. Namen: Herbstzeitlose, Hahnenklöten, Hennegift, Herbstblume, Herbstlilie, Hundsblume, Hundshoden, Hundsknofel, Kuhditzen, Kuheuter.
  3. Colchicum autumnale var. bulgaricum (Velen.) Stoj. & Stef. Colchicum autumnale var. elatius Simonk. Colchicum autumnale var. major Tubergen Colchicum autumnale var. pannonicum (Griseb. & Schenk) Baker Colchicum autumnale var. serotinum Gray Colchicum autumnale var. speciosissimum Bubela Colchicum autumnale var. transsilvanicum (Schur) Nyman.

Colchicum autumnale NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians One of the tallest and most free-flowering of the Colchicums, The Giant' is a fall-blooming Colchicum which bears up to 10 funnel-shaped, extra-large, lavender-pink flowers with a delicate white throat. Appearing long before the leaves, the flowers often have deeper tips to the petals. This perennial makes a truly unique display in the fall garden Colchicum Autumnale Adapted to the rheumatic, gouty diathesis; persons of robust vigorous constitution; diseases of old people. External impressions, light, noise, strong odors, contact, bad manners, make him almost beside himself ( Nux ); his sufferings seem intolerable 'Waterlily' is a hybrid resulting from a cross of Colchicum autumnale 'Alboplenum' and Colchicum speciosum 'Album'. Each flower reportedly resembles in appearance the form of a water lily, hence the cultivar name. Large, fully double, lilac-pink flowers bloom in late summer to early fall on naked stems to 6 tall

Ocún byzantium - Colchicum autumnale major - cibuloviny - 1 ks. Číslo zboží: 2000341. Stav: Nov. Colchicine, Colchicum autumnale - CAS 64-86-8 - Calbiochem Colchicine, Colchicum autumnale, CAS 64-86-8, is an inhibitor of mitosis that disrupts microtubules and inhibits tubulin polymerization. Induces apoptosis in PC12 and cerebellar granule cells. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information Colchicum: ocůn, slov. jesienka - z lat. colchicus = kolchický - Kolchis = černomořské pobřeží pod Kavkazem, dnes Gruzie (Šmíd 2002) Zajímavost Ocún obsahuje - zejména v květu - jedovatou látku kolchicin - Nombre científico o latino: Colchicum autumnale - Nombre común o vulgar: Cólquico, Azafrán silvestre - Familia: Liliaceae (Liliáceas). - Origen: Cáucaso y Oriente. - Planta herbácea perenne bulbosa provista de un tallo de 15-30 cm.. Colchicum autumnale (Oc n jesenn ): popis, kultivary, n vody na p stov n a mno en a prodej

Ocún jesenní - Colchicum autumnale: Tato trvalka patří mezi na podzim kvetoucí hlíznaté byliny. Všechny její části jsou prudce jedovaté. Více informací naleznete v našem článku Colchicum autumnale L. (syn. Colchicum commune, C. crociflorum, C. multiflorum); Herbstzeitlose (syn. Butterwecken, Henne, Hennegift, Giftblume, Herbstblum Colchicum autumnale 'Waterlily' Meadow Saffron flowers. Plants of Genus Colchicum: 01. Colchicum autumnale L. (Meadow Saffron), Ger: Herbst-Zeitlose, Czech: ocún jesenn.

Ocún Lilac Wonder- Colchicum - prodej podzimních cibulovin. Ocún Lilac Wonder je nádherná odrůda fialové, až tmavě fialové barvy.Dosahuje pouze výšky 15 cm.Kvete ještě na podzim během září až října.. Hodí se k pěstování např. v trávníku či pod stromy, kde krásně vyniknou ve větších skupinkách Colchicum, genus of flowering plants in the family Colchicaceae, consisting of about 30 species of herbs native to Eurasia. The stemless, crocuslike flowers bloom in autumn, and some are variously called autumn crocus and meadow saffron. The fruit is a three-valved capsule that ripens in the sprin

Colchicum autumnale. Ocún jesenní je velice dekorativní bylina, ceněna především pro pozdní dobu květu. Všechny její částí jsou prudce jedovaté. Používá se v medicíně, ale jakoukoliv samoléčbu rozhodně nedoporučujeme. Vlastnosti Vše o produkt Colchicum autumnale L. Tato funkce ukáže seznam obrázků přiřazených k taxonu a všem jeho podtaxonům (nebo i nadtaxonům, dle volby v nastavení). Ukazuje tedy jen část galerie omezenou na určitý taxon. Nejbližší příbuzná kategorie galerie -.


Colchicum Autumnale 30C (80 Pellets) by Boiron at the. Rostlina: ocún jesenní * Colchicum autumnale L. - cibulovina, hlíznatá r., plody tobolky, použití do skupin, nápadné květy.. It is the toxic principle of Colchicum autumnale (autumn crocus, meadow saffron) and the magnificent Gloriosa superba (glory lily, ornamental lily). Colchicine has antimitotic effects, in particular on cells with rapid turnover, for example intestinal mucosa and bone marrow Colchicum autumnale is the only species of it's genus native to the Great Britain and Ireland, occurs across mainland Europe from Portugal to Ukraine, and naturalized in Denmark, Sweden, European Russia, the Baltic States and New Zealand. So, Hybrids of C. autumnale grow about 8 inches tall. However, some colchicums sold are hybrids of C. Obohacením podzimní palety jsou fialové podzimní šafrány (Crocus) a ocúny (Colchicum). Příspěvek poslal(a) nasekrasnazahrada 04.08. 2014 10:41:33 (19776 čtenářů) Colchicum autumnale - ocún jesenní Rostliny / cibuloviny, hlíznaté rostlin

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Colchicum autumnale. Easy for Beginners Will grow in Full Sun Loved by Pollinators This variety will naturalise well Perennial Perfect for Pots Be the first to review this product! Colchicum appear from their summer dormancy to flower in the autumn, heralding the end of warmer days but lovely nonetheless.. Colchicum flowers emerge first from their summer dormancy, earning the name 'Naked Ladies', followed by large, strappy leaves that are retained until mid-summer. Fully hardy and the perfect candidate for naturalising in grass, colchicum are one of those bulbs that surprise and delight every year when they emerge in a prelude to the main spring. Colchicum is a large genus in the Colchicaceae family found in Europe, North Africa and western to central Asia. They are all winter growers. There are both autumn and spring flowering species. Some of the autumn ones flower before their leaves appear colchicum autumnale. / 1. quer Tracheophyta › Magnoliopsida › Liliaceae › Colchicum › Colchicum autumnale Ecology A cormous perennial herb of damp grassy places, including damp meadows and river banks, but most frequently encountered in clearings and rides within woodland, as it is toxic to livestock and often destroyed when found in grazed situations

Colchicum autumnale Poznámka: Informace o všech léčivých přípravcích společnosti BOIRON registrovaných v České republice jsou poskytovány v rámci Veřejně přístupné odborné informační služby o léčivých přípravcích, která je zřízena v souladu se zákonem o léčivech COLCHICUM, the Meadow Saffron, or Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale), a perennial plant of the natural order Liliaceae, found wild in rich moist meadow-land in England and Ireland, in middle and southern Europe, and in the Swiss Alps Ocún byzantium - Colchicum autumnale major - cibule ocúnu - 1 ks. Číslo zboží: 2000341. Stav: Nov. Colchicum autumnale L., 1753: Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky Synonyma Nomenklatura. Květy ocúnu jesenního. Pro identický druh. Ocún (Colchicum) je rod jednoděložných rostlin z čeledi ocúnovité (Colchicaceae).Ve starších taxonomických systémech byl často řazen do čeledi liliovité v širším pojetí (Liliaceae s.l.)

Colchicum autumnale is an important ingredient of most of the herbal preparation. It is very useful herb and it comprises of many compositions by Unani Hakeems Colchicum autumnale MEDEA Medea was not infrequently called Colchis, from the place of her birth. She was the daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis, and the Oceanid Eidyia, and thus the granddaughter of Helios, the Sun-god COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE 2CH - 200CH, 3K - 10MK. Homeopatikum 1g globule Registrační číslo: 93/515/92-C Obsahuje sacharózu a monohydrát laktózy. Výdej pouze v lékárnách K vnitřnímu užití! U přípravku nebyla posuzována účinnost. Ukládejte mimo dosah dětí! Používejte dle rady odborníka - homeopata. Šarže

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Colchicum autumnale Order Code: 73-05. Delivery in August / September. This product is out of season, register and an email will be sent to you when it is available to order. Native to Britain and Europe the ''Meadow Saffron'' - ideally grown in grassy meadows such as Wychwood Forest which has thousands in flower each autumn. But beware, the. Colchicum autumnale synonyms, Colchicum autumnale pronunciation, Colchicum autumnale translation, English dictionary definition of Colchicum autumnale. Noun 1. Colchicum autumnale - bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers; native to western and central Europe autumn.. Colchicum autumnale KOHL-chi-kum ot-um-NAL-ee. Meadow saffron is a cormous perennial with erect, lance-shaped leaves 5 to 14 inches long. It bears 1 to 6 goblet-shaped, lavender-pink flowers in fall. Noteworthy CharacteristicsFall-blooming crocus. CareNeeds spring sun to store enough food to flower. Once the foliage has ripened, denser shade is.

Colchicum autumnale, commonly known as the autumn crocus or meadow saffron, contains the antimitotic colchicine, which binds to tubulin and prevents it forming microtubules that are part of the cytoskeleton in all cells. [ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] Sharp soil drainage helps prevent corm rot. Purchase dormant corms in late summer (August) and plant them. COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE SEEDS (Autumn Crocus, Naked Lady, Meadow Saffron) - Plant World Seeds. Delicate purple flowers with white 'stems' which are the lower part of the flower, arise in compact clumps without any leaves, in the autumn, and can soon naturalise on a rock garden or even in grass. Contrary to its common name, and this is the actual Autumn Crocus usually referred to, this beautiful. Find great deals on eBay for colchicum autumnale. Shop with confidence Colchicum autumnale are toxic autumn-blooming flowering plants, which often grow on extensive meadows and pastures. Thus, they pose a threat to farm animals especially in hay and silage. Intensive grassland management or the use of herbicides could reduce these weeds but environment protection requirements often prohibit these measures. For this reason, a non-chemical site- or plant-specific.

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Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes. While every effort has been made to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information available, ultimate legal requirements with respect to species are contained in. Ocún podzimní (Colchicum autumnale L.) Čeleď: liliovité (Liliaceae) Popis: Je to vytrvalá rostlina s neobvyklým životním cyklem.Hluboko v zemi má až 7 cm dlouhou hruškovitou hlízu, z jedné strany vypouklou, z druhé strany plochou a žlábkovitou Colchicum autumnale (Colchicaceae) exhibits toxicity, and severe poisoning cases due to ingestion of this plant have been reported in Japan. Identifying the cause of poisoning is important for emergency medical treatment, and a rapid and simple detection technique is required for the identification of the cause of poisoning. In the present study, we developed a rapid and simple method for the. Colchicum autumnale is a larger crocus-like flower that blooms in the fall and is a member of the Lily Family. This flower comes up after the leaves have faded, a trait leading to another common name for the plant, naked lady. The modern medicine colchicine is derived from dried seeds and is an effective treatment for gout but can also be. Colchicum autumnale. jesienka obyčajná | Autumn Crocus. ocúnovité / Colchicaceae ocún / Colchicum. Botanická charakteristika: Vytrvalá, 10-20 cm vysoká podzimní bylina. Z šupinaté podzemní hlízy, která je uložena hluboko v zemi, vyrůstá na podzim růžovofialový šestiplátečný květ

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Colchicum autumnale om kazmusiden erik, mülüb Colchicaceae-sugukundha.. Kazvab läz kaiked Evropadme päiči Skandinavijas i pohjoižes Venämas.Se om äivozne heinäsine änikoičii morii kazmuz.. Kazvatadas änikoihe näht i samha zell'torhut. Homaičenda Hem Colchicum autumnale. Colchicum autumnale. 7 december, 2020 mariawijk Dagens blomma, Flower of the day #FOTD, #tidlösa, Colchicum autumnale. For Cee´s Flower of the Day. Dela det här: Twitter; Facebook; Gilla The story of the autumn crocus, also known as bare naked ladies, told in 121 seconds. For more information on this plant, please visit http://www.thepoisonga..

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Colchicum autumnale Photo. Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale), a late summer- to autumn-flowering corm native to central and western Europe. Its flower stems are around 20-30cm tall and the flowers appear before the foliage. It is similar to Colchicum speciosum but has a more northerly natural range. More Colchicum Photos. Colchicaceae CFGm011.jp Family: Colchicum (Colchicaceae) Hardy to Zones 6 to 9 (Naked Ladies, Meadow Saffron, Autumn Crocus, Suranjan) Bulbous perennial native to Europe. Source of alkaloid known as colchicine. Traditional usage: low dose botanical or homeopathic, gout and rheumatis

Herbstzeitlose – WikipediaDie Herbstzeitlose – tödliches Gift aus der NaturŐszi Kikerics (Colchicum autumnale) gondozása, szaporítása
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